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Kickstart your product UX in record time

Accelerate your time-to-market and consolidate your product experience by improving functionality, user experience
and user interface.

UX Neighbor Strategy

UX design with 0% waste

Our programs are focused on aligning user needs, product features and business goals to ideate solutions through a full-comprehensive and agile methodology that results in testeable prototypes to determine direction and value in a matter of weeks.

Prodlane Product Design

Since we started working with UX Neighbor, we have continously made great progress in the product thanks to the structured approach and expert advice.

Moritz v. Hammerstein

CPO at Prodlane

UX strategy and workshops

Lean product UX strategy

Kickstart your product UX with our strategy workshops.

Our strategy team approaches consultancy services utilizing lean product design techniques that allow teams & startups building products in a phased fashion. Nothing but the best way to take care of budget, create a scalable product and ensure best product quality.

User experience 2.0

Detect opportunity areas & improve your product experience in 4 weeks.

For companies and startups with an initial version already released, UX Neighbor helps you improve your product experience revisiting current state, developing user personas and applying best practices dictated for each platform.

Key benefits of our methodology

Improve planning

by brainstorming functionality and delimitate scope assertively with an industry proven methodology.

Foster innovation

our kickstart strategy process introduces Lean UX and design thinking methodologies.

Protects project budget

by approaching a phased development project that allows short-term / mid-term planning with 0% waste.

Prioritize business goals

all decisions made will be aligned to your business goals. This approach helps reduce time-to-market yet achieving excellent user feedback.

Visualize UX and layout

through non-functional prototypes, the team will be able to test user experience, give feedback and iterate in an agile pace.

User-center design

Our strategy process addresses short-cycles of user research to identify demographic, psychological & industrial ux paterns.

Target fast ROI with a lean product design strategy

An appropiate UX plan can take you out and fast of the startup’s “valley of death”

UXN Solutions Life-Cycle

All SaaS solutions require a long and rigorous cycle of ideation, strategy, planning, design, development, testing, maturation and adaptation. Software development is not easy. It requires high standards, extensive multidisciplinary teams, rigorous documentation, and long workdays to keep the project moving forward without hiccups…or catastrophes. But a strict adherence to this cycle will ensure your project reaches maturity, and eventually, success.

Many paths to maturity and quality exist. But all projects begin with a need. Fulfilling that need requires the prioritization of features, the prioritized feature set defines the timeframe, timeline determines

budget, and maximizing the value of this budget requires a good and solid plan. The details of a project are many, and they all influence each other. This is why the paths to the ultimate goal line are innumerable and—unfortunately—no one strategy applies in all cases. But while selecting the right strategy to advance your current project stage is multifactorial, the safest path to take is always the one that analyzes the project in a “business context.” Understanding your current business situation enables you to devise a plan that is both feasible and actionable. Conversely, failing to recognize the importance of these factors can result in burned-out teams, budget overrun or poor implementation.

Download our whitepaper

If you are not sure on how to approach a lean ux design stategy, this whitepaper is for you.

With more than a decade of experience helping digital startups launch their SaaS solutions to market, UX Neighbor understands early business constaraints an tactically help your team to plan, ideate, define the roadmap and design your solution in record time.