Product UI design, from conception to implementation

Pixel-perfect screen design files and ready-for-development UI components tailored to your product’s branding & user experience.

Out-of-the box or custom made UI.
We make it work.

We have long experience working & customizing most of the UI libraries available in the market.

all platforms,
all screen forms

user-centered layout
& ux behaviour

pixel-perfect ready-to-use
ui components

UX Neighbor gives advice of when and how to use pre-built UI libraries to speed up UI implementation and support for your SaaS solution. Believe it or not, the decision taking on this topic is missed out most of the times, being this a crucial decision to achieve solid UX and scalable products. So don’t miss it.

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"We partnered with UX Neighbor to help us build our brand and customer user experience. Together, we created a unique brand for Normalyze and delivered an intuitive user interface design that is easy to use out-of-the-box for our customers".

Amer Deeba

Co-Founder & CEO at Normalyze

Our UI solutions

Screen by screen design & user scenario prototypes

UX Neighbor helps you plan, design, layout and prototype your product’s experience screen by screen considering user stories, happy paths and edge cases.

UI library & styleguide documentation

Get everything you need to build a structured code-based design system. With our documentation you’ll get spacing & style specifications, assets, reusable components and more.

UI components &
frontend development

Development teams don’t need to worry about pixel-perfection any more since UX Neighbor frontend team can help you build and document all theme standards and ui components in Storybook.

Pixel-perfect isn’t just about making it look good

Always base your experience design in a responsive grid

Even if your SaaS product is just supporting desktop computers, products need to be responsive to accommodate to a bunch of monitor resolutions & densities.

Use relative units instead of fixed pixel units

Relative units allow the layout spacing and font adapt proportionally to multiple screen sizes and device kinds making the UI look perfect in any device.

Standardize UI components and styleguide

Whenever your screen components start to get reused in multiple product modules and screens, create a standard component. It improves aesthetics and maintenance efficiency.

Get a detail-oriented frontend design team

Frontend DESIGNERS are specialized in integrating UI screen design in an accurate and scalable way by creating a design system that serves as code-ready UI library.

Approach UI with an atomic methodology

Approaching the atomic design methodology, your design and UI components get created with sub-dependencies that make the product UI fully scalable, responsive and customizable.

Build & test the UI component as a unit first

Consider this as if you were creating a single component of a car; work on it in silos first. Make sure the component looks and works good before integrating it to a product module.

We are your best partner to achieve all this

Our team is well trained and covers all standards needed to help your development teams with pixel-perfect frontend.


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