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Non-disclosure agreement: We take NDAs very serious. There are very few product UX projects we can show in this portfolio due to the confidential work we do with startups and customers. If you are interested in understanding our process and see a few examples of what we can do in terms of product UI, please get in touch with us to arrange a call and we walk you through our demo projects.

Specialized in Startups and SaaS solutions

Latest work

Lavender Five

Public website design


Product UX strategy,
product design


public website design


Branding, public website design,
UX 2.0 strategy

Rhino Stake

Public website design


Public website design

Specialized in Startups and SaaS solutions

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Propelex Website Design

We had an incredible experience working with UX Neighbor team, helping the company redesign the company’s website. UX Neighbor’s professionals demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements and goals. They took the time to comprehensively analyze our existing website, identifying areas for improvement while highlighting its strengths”.

Ammar Fakhruddin

Co-Founder & Partner at Propelex

Other work

Artifact Staking

Public website design


Public website design