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By Andres Reaza
September 13, 2023

Gluestack-UI as the Nativebase Replacement

NativeBase, a widely-used off-the-shelf UI library catering to both React and React Native, is discontinuing further updates and support. Development and design teams are strongly encouraged to transition to Gluestack-UI for their UI component needs.

NativeBase had become a staple in the toolkit of many development teams, appreciated for its versatility, customizable theme capabilities, and robust UI components library. It significantly enhanced the efficiency and performance of React and React Native projects on the frontend. However, the era of NativeBase as we knew it has come to a close.


In a notice issued in July 2023, NativeBase officially announced the cessation of updates and major support for their library. Instead, they are wholeheartedly endorsing the adoption of Gluestack-UI, a completely revamped library. UX Neighbor had the opportunity to explore the beta version of this new component library, and the initial impressions are promising. Whether you are an individual developer or part of a development team seeking to create a UI with a unique and branded appearance, Gluestack-UI should undoubtedly be under your consideration.



If you are curious about the reasons behind NativeBase’s decision to discontinue updates, you can find more information by clicking here. Additionally, you can visit the Gluestack-UI website to access documentation and explore the wide range of components available.

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