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UX Neighbor boasts a collective experience of 15 years, aiding companies in crafting digital products and SaaS solutions.

Our expertise

Our primary focus lies in the frontend domain, recognizing that design demands a skill set not universally possessed by product teams. This includes expertise in user research, design thinking, lean methodology, user-centered design, product UI design, meticulous processes, and the development of design systems.

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User research
Traffic Boosting
User-centered Design
Design Thinking
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Lean Design
Design Systems

We proficiently help companies in all of the new era industries:

Cybersecurity – AI – Healthcare – Insurance – Consumer – Non-profit

Why opt for

UX Neighbor?

Our founder established UX Neighbor based on a persistent problem over time: multidisciplinary development teams lack the necessary skills to design progressive, flexible, and well-documented products.

Moreover, there is a scarcity of frontend developers with a keen eye for detail, capable of achieving a minimum 90% alignment between UI design and frontend implementation. The reality is that the initial impression holds significant weight, underscoring the importance of approaching product design with a strategic and scalable process that not only delivers aesthetic appeal but also progresses through development phases seamlessly.

Meet the team
Andrés Reaza

Founder & Product UX Strategist

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Victor Olvera

Technical Architect

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Fernanda Garibay

Web Support Manager

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Fernanda Meza

Product & Creative Designer

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Patricio Rodriguez

Product Design & Animation

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Alexander Velasco

WordPress Developer

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Our Partners

We are committed to always providing the right consultancy to our customers. To fulfill this promise, we strategically align ourselves with accomplished business groups, leveraging their extensive track record and exceptional talent to augment and diversify our range of solutions.

Commercial Partner

With the support of West Telco, we have successfully expanded the reach of UX Neighbor’s solutions to more continents and countries worldwide. Thanks to them, we can operate locally in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Branding & Creative Partner

True Agency, brings over 15 years of expertise in branding, digital marketing, and creative design, through both local and international environments. Leveraging his agency, UX Neighbor assists startups in crafting distinctive and contemporary brand identities.